Top 3 ways to organically increase Website traffic

Hello Guys, Hope you are doing great. Now a -days if we want some good quality organic traffic on our website then it is just a messy task. Driving organic traffic to our website requires a brilliant strategy with good execution. It needs unique marketing ideas and unique user-engaging content. Here we will discuss the Top 3 ways to organically increase Website traffic.

Here below after as per my knowledge and practical experience, I am sharing some cool ways that would boost the traffic on our site that too organically.

Before discussing some fabulous ways to increase traffic to your site let do some honorable mentions that would be wonderful ways to increase traffic if we use them with correct strategies.

We can do Guest posting, where we can share the high-quality articles to other website owners so they can post them on their site, from here we can get traffic and more exposure.

By doing On Page Seo, Optimize your page, look for new low competition keywords, write winning headlines. You can collaborate with others in your niches. If we think of collaborating instead of competing we will go a long way.

1st way organically increase Website traffic.

So the first way we can use is

Yes, I know you have already heard it before but believe me it has way more potential than anyone can think. All we have to do is to go to and make an account with your Company name. Now we have to upload quality content that can do some good value addition in our reader’s life.

After some time readers will start to engage with our content and also your content will start ranking in Google SERP as a medium is a high authority site and it will rank easier than any other site if you have a specific niche or micro-niche. And you can drive traffic from here.

Adding your website link to these high authority sites will provide you a powerful backlink, yeah these backlinks will be nofollow but it will help to boost your website SEO resulting in good Google ranking and Boom, more organic traffic.

All these are not just theoretical explanations I have tried all this for my client’s business and it really helps a lot.

2nd way organically increase Website traffic.

Another way to drive traffic to your site is using Quora. Now you might think it’s the same platform as, but nowhere you can directly interact with the user of your niche and help them solve their queries by directly answering their question. This is one of the best ways to increase conversions and drive traffic to your website organically.

All you have to do is to find some interesting questions related to your niche and then give a detailed explanation and you can also add your site link like (“Click here for more information”) and send traffic to your site.

But make sure you should not give a link to every question you answer, the ratio must be 1:5, which means in every 5 questions you answer you should insert a link in one answer. In this way, you send targeted traffic to your site. Adding your site link here also gets you a powerful backlink helping in your SEO.

3rd way organically increase Website traffic.

And the last way is to gain organic traffic using social media. Many people think that social media is just for entertainment purposes, but it is a great weapon to scale up your business from 0 to 100.

Nowadays every business whether it is a small business or large business they are coming on different social media platforms so that they can get more organic exposure and can connect directly to their potential customers.

All we have to do is to create one account on different social media platforms and start posting content that is unique and informational. Here you can build an amazing audience and can send these audiences to your website.

These are some of the ways we can try to gain some extra and organic traffic. As these ways are totally free thus it requires a lot of hard work and patience. All these ways are tried and tested so these ways totally work and give wonderful results.

But to gain wonderful results we must keep one thing in mind that we have to provide wonderful content to our readers because we know content is king so if we want to make our campaign successful we must be sure that our content is best to our knowledge.

But what does wonderful content means?

Good content has all the information a reader is looking for. It must be informative and well written. In today’s world, informative content is not just enough to attract or sustain readers to our site, it should be well written, which means it should have proper relevant images which will increase the readability of the content. The content should be written in a way that the reader should think that he is talking to you.

The paragraphs should not be too long and contain hard words. It should be as simple as it can. The content should content infographics, and relevant videos, you can add tables in your content making it more informative, and adding proper gifs and graphics will add a plus point and make your content more eye-catching.


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