Types of Hostgator Hosting and their best plans

After this pandemic hit all the businesses directly or indirectly, People get to know about the power of Digital Presence. You are losing a lot of potential customers if you don’t have an online presence. That’s why now a day every business is going digitally.

For every business to become digital the basic requirement is a custom domain and one good hosting. Yes I know we can also start with the blogger which is a good tool provided by google but its not promising as a custom or word press website.

Because these types of websites rank more easily than bloggers. And if you really want to start your business or boost your business then you should try investing some money because it’s totally worth it.

So if you want to know which domain providers are best for buying domains in term of Price, service, customer support and offers and many more then must check this article below.

And if you want to know which hosting you should go for in the initial stage as initially, your website will have very little traffic which will increase gradually.

For every type of hosting there are different- different hosting such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and many more other types of hosting which we will discuss below in more detail.

So first we will start with shared hosting.

What is shared hosting?

If you are at your initial stage then you can start with this hosting. This hosting is cheap as there are multiple sites on a single server. This type of hosting is used when we don’t need the entire server and also want to host at cheap rates.

But the cons of this type of hosting are if Site A is having huge traffic then site B can suffer issues. But it will happen in a very rare condition.

As a fresher, I would suggest to start with this hosting plan and upgrade to a better version in the future when more resources are needed for your site,

Hostgator provides different plans for one of the cheapest and best-shared hosting. Their hosting plans start from Rs99/month depending upon the tenure you choose.

To check more about plans and feature click here.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting stands for Virtual  Private Server. This hosting plan is used when your website has some good amount of traffic which can’t be possible for shared hosting.

It is for those users who want more server resources and server horsepower than shared hosting. VPS also has multiple sites but fewer than what there are in shared hosting. You have to pay more price than shared hosting to get more serve hence more stability of your site.

Hostgator hosting provides the best VPS hosting at in low price and best quality starting from 1199/month depending upon the tenure you choose.

To check more about plans and feature click here.


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